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Sous Vide 28cm rolls - 阿太雜貨 (英國,香港集運)

Sous Vide 28cm rolls



This pack of two Embossed Vacuum Sealer Rolls measures 28cm wide and 6m in length. The rolls enable you to make custom sized pouches for sealing all types of food and liquid. Just cut off a length of roll to fit the item you wish to cook or store, seal one end to make a pouch, and then slip the food inside ready for vacuum sealing.

These flexible and easy to use vacuum sealer rolls are compatible with all domestic vacuum sealer brands, including Gastropack, FoodSaver, Andrew James, JML, SousVide Supreme, Rival Seal-a-Meal, VacMaster, and MagiVac.

The rolls are made in Italy and designed with an embossed criss-cross pattern to expel air more efficiently and create a better vacuum and seal. They are constructed with a polyamide (PA) airtight outer shell and a polyethylene (PE) inner skin which is approved for food use, meaning no oxygen can penetrate and sealing is excellent. Independently tested and verified as free from Bisphenol-A, phthalates and lead, their excellent heat resistance allows sous vide cooking up to 90°C.

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28cm x 6M 1卷...1PACK2卷