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Le Creuset Dish (Balti Dish) - 阿太雜貨 (英國,香港集運)

Le Creuset Dish (Balti Dish)


The Balti originates from Baltistan in Northern Pakistan.Traditionally cooked in a round pan with two handles, the Balti dish (or Karahi as it is also known) has a strong passing resemblance to the wok. The modern Balti is an aromatic curry and is quick to cook with fresh flavours. Handcrafted from premium cast iron, our Balti Dish features a flat base for use on the hob, and can also be used under the grill and in the oven for total versatility.

Our Cast Iron cookware works efficiently at low to medium cooking temperatures and distributes heat evenly for better cooking results. It also retains heat effectively, ensuring food stays warm for longer.

The Cast Iron Balti Dish comes in two sizes, and we recommend the 20cm for a two to three person portion, or the 24cm for a four to five person portion. Available in stylish Cerise and Satin Black, the unique enamel finish is not only durable and easy to clean, but also looks beautiful when presented at the table.

Suitable for all hob types (including ceramic, halogen, induction, gas and oil or wood), the Balti Dish is also protected by a Lifetime Guarantee for total peace of mind.

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