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Le Creuset 31CM TAGINE WITH MOROCCAN DÉCOR (limited edition)

Le Creuset 31CM TAGINE WITH MOROCCAN DÉCOR (limited edition)


Simmer in Style with our NEW Limited-Edition Moroccan Spice Tagine!

Inspired by the slowly simmered, heavily seasoned cuisines indigenous to North Africa, Le Creuset’s NEW limited-edition 31cm Moroccan Spice Tagine is a classic example of form following function.

Featuring a unique Moroccan-inspired decal, the new Spice Tagine is perfectly designed for slow cooking aromatic meat and vegetable dishes on the hob until mouthwateringly tender and exceptionally flavourful.

Steam is re-condensed into water droplets on the lid’s cool walls which fall back into the ingredients keeping them succulent and moist. The Cast Iron base evenly distributes heat and can be used on any heat source, working efficiently at low to medium cooking temperatures.With a generous capacity of 3.7L, this bigger tagine is perfect for family meals and entertaining.

Key features:

  • Bigger 3.7L capacity, perfect for serving 4-6
  • Crafted of durable cast iron, the base cooks food evenly and retains heat longer
  • Suitable for all heat sources from gas to ceramic or induction
  • Durable, hygienic and easy-clean black interior enamel doesn’t require any seasoning
  • Satin black enamelled cooking surface is ideal for browning and caramelizing vegetables and meat on the hob